The Pennsylvania Historical Association advances knowledge about the heritage and culture of Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic region, because understanding how the past informs the present helps us shape a better future.

The Pennsylvania Historical Association achieves its mission by:

The PHA holds its annual meeting in a different Pennsylvania location each fall. The annual meetings bring together historians, educators and history buffs to participate in a wide variety of panel discussions, to hear speakers, and to enjoy meeting others interested in Pennsylvania history.

The PHA is also a proud sponsor of History Day and the exciting, www.explorepahistory.com web site. We are pleased to have partnerships with other organizations throughout the Commonwealth to promote an interest in Pennsylvania history.


New Initiative by PHA: History Bibliographies

A new series of bibliographies on various on Pennsyvania and mid-Atlantic topics. The first, on labor history, is a collaborative effort of the PHA and the Pennsylvania Labor History Society.

A Bibliography of Labor History in Pennsylvania



William Pencak, professor emeritus of history at Penn State University, distinguished historian of early American history, historian of Pennsylvania, and twice editor of Pennsylvania History, died Monday, December 9, 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia, of cardiac failure following heart surgery. Read more ...



A new book by Dan Barr is available: A Colony Sprung from Hell: Pittsburgh and the Struggle for Authority on the Western Pennsylvania Frontier.